How do you know if a picture is going to convert clients on Facebook?

According to marketing expert Mateo Lopez, there are some best practices you can follow to increase the chances of hitting a home run. But sometimes even he’s surprised when a “sure thing” turns out to be a dud. Or when a certain photo catches fire for reasons no one totally understands.

The only way to ensure your creative is killing it: Monitor and adjust.


Just a Little to the Left?


If you analyze your numbers, you can replace poorly performing creative and with something better. Or maybe make a slight adjustment that makes a huge difference. But you have to know when to analyze those numbers and make those changes. If you don’t, you’ll risk killing something that might grow up to be huge.

If you’re a creative machine, you can also use Facebook’s dynamic creative system. You have to come up with many variations of the same ad to use it, but then you get to sit back while Facebook decides what’s working best.

That level of output might be beyond some advertisers, but simple analysis is not. 

In this episode, Mike Warkentin talks to Lopez about best practices, evaluation and other secrets of ad creative for Facebook.