At the wide end of the marketing funnel, you’ve got a digital ad running on social media. 

You’ve dialed in the creative elements and set your audience. Now that ad is generating clicks and creating an ever-growing list of people who opted in and entered their contact info.

So now what?


Numbers Don’t Lie


Each lead cost money—and if you’re tracking properly, you know exactly how much. If you don’t do anything with contact info, you’ve wasted your money.

But if you respond to the person—the sooner, the better—you have a chance to make a sale. In fact, if you don’t respond, you’re not fulfilling your end of the deal.

In this episode of Two-Brain Radio, Mike Warkentin of Two-Brain Media asks marketing expert Mateo Lopez what to do with contact info and when to do it. He’ll explain the importance of speed of response and give you some ideas on good sales rates when working with leads from social media. He’ll also tell you how often you should contact a lead, when you should stop trying to make contact and how to nurture a dead lead back to life. 

All that and more on this edition of Two-Brain Radio. To talk to Mateo’s team and get help with your business, click here.