31 Blog Topics for Gym Owners

Don’t know what to write about? Here are 31 topics that will fill your gym’s blog, engage your audience and generate interest in your business.

The Person Whose Ideas You Should Steal

No one reads all your blog posts, listens to all your podcasts, consumes all your books and watches your entire video library. The stuff you created last year is invisible to many people. You need to repeat yourself across time and media. Here’s how.

How to Write a Book and Make Money in 2019

Chris Cooper’s first book was a bunch of blog posts pasted together. It sold 20,000 copies and has earned him $4.5 million to date. We’ll save you the math: He didn’t sell each copy for $225. But the book still generated $4.5 million. Here’s how to make money with books.

Content ROI: What’s a Blog Really Worth?

If you only go to the coffee shop twice a year, the barista won’t remember your name. That seems obvious, but people often don’t apply the same logic to content ROI (return on investment). Here’s how to determine the value of your content.

Daisy Chains From Social Media to Your Website

We explain how to use “daisy chains” a part of a long-term strategy to get people off social media. Daisy chains are tied to your brand as a whole and a regular stream of content that eventually leads off social media and onto your website.

How to Stop Wasting Your Best Social-Media Content

No one sees everything anymore. In modern media, you’re working against algorithms and attention spans, and your best content might be missed. Great content takes time to produce, so don’t waste it. Here’s how to ensure people discover your diamonds.

How to Retain More Clients Through Video in 60 Seconds

You don’t have to be Spielberg or Scorsese to succeed in video. We recommend our clients learn how to quickly make short videos themselves so they can constantly create content at low cost. In this post, we’ll give you a basic video template you can use to crank out a video.

How to Increase Website Clicks in Two Simple Steps

If they’ll click once, they might click again—but visitors have to have something to click. Many, many sites are full of dead ends that don’t generate engagement. Here are three very simple steps you can take right now to start making your site stickier today.