It’s 5 a.m., and coffee is brewing behind the soft tapping of a keyboard.

We didn’t need an alarm because an idea woke us up at 4 and we needed to get it out. 

Sometimes it’s a love letter to our clients. Other times it’s a photo, lead magnet, blog post or social-media campaign. 

This time, it’s the story of Two-Brain Media.

So here we are, sipping, tapping and telling a short story. 

Though we wear several different hats, the founders of Two-Brain Media are both publishers at heart. Always have been. We used to take floppy disks to the mall to print out novels, we wrote short stories on napkins, we used ink-stained fingers to flip through the newspaper to find our articles, and we suffered through slow dial-up connections to fill clunky, no-frills websites with blog posts that would eventually become a bestseller.

And then we were thrilled when the bottleneck broke and technology made a media mogul of anyone with a mobile phone.

Now we’re the guys who type a tweet with frozen fingers because a great idea strikes while we’re shoveling snow. We’ve written entire chapters of books on a phone in an airport. We’ve covered multi-day sports competitions and instantly connected the fittest athletes on the planet to their fans with nothing but a tablet and a small camera. We’re in constant contact with our clients as we build relationships through social media and email. We’re broadcasting live to entrepreneurs around the world, and the mic is as hot as the coffee.

For us, the question is always “who’s listening right now and how can we connect?”

You’re listening, so here it is:

We both run several other businesses, but neither of us can stop creating. It didn’t take us long to realize we actually run a group of media companies that specialize in business coaching, marketing, fitness, nutrition and health. Our businesses have succeeded in large part because we’ve spent decades making lasting connections through media.

Like the story about how one of us sold his bike to make payroll, then found a way to help hundreds of businesses around the world avoid the same mistake. 

Or the time the other helped a formerly sick woman connect with thousands of people who desperately needed to hear how she became well.

We’re still telling those stories, and now we’re going to tell yours. 

You have something to say to the world about your business.

So what is it?


Mike Warkentin

Mike Warkentin

Mike Warkentin has worked in media for 20 years and most recently served as managing editor of the CrossFit Journal for just short of a decade. He has written and edited five books, including “Constructing the CrossFit Games,” by Dave Castro. He is the founder of 204 Strength and Conditioning and the media director of 204 Lifestyle, both in Winnipeg, Canada.

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper is the author of “Two-Brain Business,” “Two-Brain Business 2.0,” “Help First” and “Farmer, Founder, Tinker, Thief.” He is the founder of Two-Brain Business, and he owns two gyms and several other companies in Ontario, Canada. His mentoring clients can be found worldwide from Australia to Norway and in every state in the U.S.